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Viaje a Etreum

Viaje a Etreum is a definitive step forward for Miguel Salvador’s project. This Bilbao-born guitar player’s writing has gained in immediacy and has become more concise and less meditative, helped no doubt by the simplified group of people who accompany him in this new album. Of the enormous group of people who participated in his first album with Errabal, only the ever eager Hasier Oleaga remains. The drummer doubtless feels at home in this repertoire, designed as it is like a large urban landscape – his natural habitat. In tracks such as Cita con Z he is simply splendid.

August 2011



The participation of Mikel Andueza also boosts the music (and the group) up to a whole new level. Thanks to this injection of force and to a harsher, more urgent sound than usual, the groove is unstoppable in Meteora, making the track a whirling spiral of pure energy. Here, Andueza is at his best and we glimpse him as he was in the different versions of his Superquintet, sharing with Salvador the reigns of improvisation and allowing him to direct the harmonic discourse. Paranormal or Viaje a Etreum are good examples of this, with a more laconic tone which evokes the best moments of his first ever work.


And last, but by no means least, the double-bass player Jon Piris provides a solid, straightforward anchor,  forming a sober (less is more) yet powerful rhythmic rapport with Oleaga which results in a perfectly assembled sound that prioritises the group ideal and development of the music, rather than individual displays of virtuosity. Enjoy. Salud!

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