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Under the wings

September 2011

Marcos Coll, the harmonica player has just released his first solo album. It is entitled Under the Wings and contains a whole variety of sounds from Blues to Afrofunk, Latin, Hip Hop and Funk. Buddy Miles, Tonky de la Peña, Mick Taylor, Los Reyes del KO, Guitar Crusher, Herb Hardesty, Aron Burton, Tino Gonzales, Rico McClarrin, Cris Rannenberg, Robye Edwards,  “Lichis”, Keith Dunn, Peter Crow C, “Detroit” Gary Wiggings, Malcolm Scarpa, Ñaco Goñi, Carlos Dalelane and Sax Gordon are just some of the musicians that have participated in this double CD. It reflects the last 15 years of the musical career of this great harmonica player. Some of the tracks had been released in the past and others have been recorded especially to mark the occasion.

Hear: I Ain´t Supertitious


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