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Thirty Roads

Thirty Roads (2011) is the second record from Moondogs, a band from Galicia. It was recorded with the help of Arturo Vaquero and Jahel Piñeiro (as sound engineer) at the Abriguero studios in Friol, Lugo. Victor Aneiros on electric guitar and Vanesa Cernadas and Anrea Louro (vocals) also collaborated. All the tracks were composed by the band’s leader Javier Prado (a musician who has played in different flamenco-blues and funky groups such as La Mezquita, Tirando Pa’Lante and Por No Star) and arranged by Moondogs Blues Party.

June 2011

Muddy Waters, Rory Gallagher, Tom Waits, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and JJ Cale also had a healthy influence.


The group’s name, Moondogs Blues Party, comes from a radio programme hosted by Alan Freed, one of the first radio presenters to play black music in segregationist America, back in the 1940s and 50s.


There are no rehearsals or everlasting recordings behind the music of Moondogs Blues Party; everything is just the way it sounded the first time it was played. It may well be that this detracts from technical purity or modern musical sophistication, but that is not what the group aims for. They offer something fresh and ephemeral, that is felt and then lost, and thus unique. It is almost like a religion and Thelonious Monk is the priest.


Hear: The Devil is on the Roof



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