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The Paname papers

September 2018



Recorded by Clément Garel, mixed and edited by Julien Basséres            and Urrutia himself at Meudon studios during November 2017.  “The Paname papers” is based both on performance capacity and improvisation skills developed by this three musicians along with the Basque pianist compositions. A record that suggests  sort a filming work full of musicological frames and scenes with it´s script based on multiple influences and resources. “Dona Kubik” half way between  Indiana /Donna-Lee re-harmonization and Fred Hersch’s  “Phantom of the Bopera”. Valse pour Nono” an essentially tonal theme with a simple, nearly poppy melody in contrast with “Entartetes” an eight bar Blues and “ Fantasie Onirique” a minimalistic type of tune that suggests the world of dreams with a childish or naïf intention. “Entropical Cha” starting from tropical Rhythm moving towards Jazz improvisation.            “Fourth Element” a tune inspired by dodecaphonic music using the Pythagorean cycle. “Pasos Enanos” a tune made from Coltraine´s ”Giant Steps” minor chord changes just to end up with the record self titled  “The Paname Papers” and “La Caravana Amarilla” with the use of a buleria clave from flamenco music, combined with phrygian melodies & harmonies.


Jon Urrutia trio “The Paname Papers reveals both easily recognized talent and creativity. Music from the world in terms of Jazz. Music without labels than the strictly  necessary. A record that without doubt will not leave one of today´s most important musician in the international Jazz scene indifferent.    


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