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The Belly LP

December 2020

The prolific career as a singer-song writer born in Eibar (Basque Country) has gone through very different styles and music genres. What it seemed to be just a bunch of songs and ideas, has become Seda. A band led by Virginia Fernández on vocals, Mikel Cabalier on bass (Gatibu), Félix Landa on guitar (Extremoduro), Galder Creo on drums (Penadas) with guitar players Pit Flanagan (Rubia, Garbayo) and Martin Guevara (Capsula) collaboration on recording sessions and backed up by Joseba B. Lenoir on guitar for live performances , all of them renowned musicians.


 Recorded at Silver Recordings Studios in Bilbao and produced by Martin Guevara, "The Belly" is a thoughtful record in all aspects, with impeccable sound, an outstanding production, a great illustration work by Miriam Ocáriz for its cover and its imminent release in vinyl format. But above all, it reveals the undeniable solidity of a Rock band, with no other label than an undeniable punk attitude. All this seasoned with an infinity of nuances and influences mainly given by Virginia's vocal texture and her undeniable versatility, providing a collection of songs written from the guts, with the urgency of the spontaneous and the rawness of the honest. Proven right from the beginning with the furious “Let it go”, with Martin Guevara on guitar, while “She can do” recalls The Runaways golden years with Joan Jett at her best through a rebellious Patti Smith and Virginia Fernandez overwhelming personality filter. The band shows their Punk-Rock side on “Clean my name” to treat us with the dark and desperate “Breaking the House”. The energetic and magnificent “Hey” serves the band as the first advance single from the records while approaching with the pertinent rawness to Pop melodies on “Drunken lover”. Rock and Roll takes shape in “Passenger” under leader vocal harmonies and the solidity and know-how from the band as a perfect combination moving towards to the shady “Two words” and ending up with "Drunken Lover" acoustic version only available on digipack edition.

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