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November 2013



Brendan Donnelly & Beñat Fuentes

Music Inspired by China Field Recordings

1. Oraina ta Geroa

2. Bi ta artean (I) Yue Opera recorded in Hangzhou China

3. Hemen ta Han

4. Bi ta artean (II) ErHu recorded in Hangzhou China

5. Yina ta Yanga

6. Maritxu ta Bartolo

7. Bi ta artean (III) Wu Opera recorded in JinHua China

8. Guzheng ta gitarrarako pieza

9. Bi ta artean (IV) Yue Opera recorded in Shengzhou China

10. Patxo ta Lao Wang

11. Bi ta artean (V) Yue opera recorded in Hangzhou China

12. Buda ta Guda

13. Sortaldea ta sartaldea (Ekiaren mendean)

14. Herriak ta harriak

15. Outro

Buddhist Chanting and instruments recorded at LingYin temple Hangzhou

Patxo Goikoetxea recorded in Belako, Mungia 1995.

The full accompany music to Te-Uhinak, ‘China Field Recordings­Volume One: Zhejiang Recordings” can be heard at

About Te-Uhinak: Music Inspired by China Field Recordings:

Inspired by the pioneering spirit of field recording engineers such as John and Alan Lomax we began the China Field Recordings project with the aspiration to capture the authentic sounds of Chinese folk and ethnic music performed by local musicians and singers.

The project began at the beginning of 2012 with an ambitious plan to record

traditional songs of Zhejiang 浙江 Province, located in southeast China. Using

portable recording equipment we travelled extensively throughout Zhejiang, recording and documenting local singers performing traditional songs. We had the great privilege to record and experience first hand Wu Opera from Jinhua and Yue Opera from Shengzhou. We found that many of the people we met, although proud of their heritage, were always amazed that we wanted to record them.

Playing music was just part of their daily life and it brought them great joy and

happiness. Listening back we often found many of our recordings ended with a laugh, an almost pure expression of joy.

During our time making our field recordings we were inspired by the people we met and the sounds we heard to create an album of original music.Te-Uhinak

contains collaborations with many of the musicians and friends we made through our travels in China, including recordings of traditional Chinese instruments such as ErHu, GuZheng and Dizi as well as recordings of Buddhist chanting from LingYin temple and samples of our field recordings from Zhejiang.

We hope Te-Uhinak: Music Inspired by China Field Recordings, can bring its

listener the same sense of joy and inspiration we’ve experienced throughout our many years travelling, making music and field recordings in China.There are so many people we’d like to thank but it would be impossible to name them all so we’d just like to thank all our family, friends and loved ones that made all this possible.

- Brendan & Beñat



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