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September 2012

Capsula made their debut withSublime barely two years after Martin Guevara (vocals and guitar) and Coni Duchess (bass) had set up the band in Buenos Aires. By that time, they had already toured Europe and had had the chance to be the supporting band in Bilbao for the Welsh group Super Furry Animals.  The disc was recorded during that tour at the Mr. Jam studios in Bilbao, and Laberintosand Pizarnik were the singles chosen to publicise the disc. In their early discs many bands sound spineless and mimetic, but this is not the case here. Capsula sounds powerful and exciting in these nine songs, all in Spanish, combining pop melodies (Todos sus nombres, Ella encarna), with raw, abrasive guitar layers, without concealing their influences, (Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop and Argentine groups of the 70s and 80s like Sumo, Pescado Rabioso or Manal) with totally enigmatic titles like Lo que es tal vez, Caballos de mar 


Hear: Caballos de Mar

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