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All tunes arranged by Diana Palau and Joel Moreno.


Recorded at Estudi Laietana by Jordi Vidal on September 30 and October 1, 2014.
Mixed and mastered by Jordi Vidal.



This album is the result of a collaboration born four years ago. Everything started with the two of us playing in duo (voice and guitar) Jazz Standards, MBP and pop songs, originals, and using them as platforms from where we could let our imagination fly away, with lots of improvisation and creative freedom. Later, in different occasions, a number of performers joined our project and helped our music to go much further, to beautiful places we would not have been able to visit without them. After this trip we have had the need to put this universe into a CD that contains a bit of everything we have been finding along the way: different formations, textures, intensities, styles, etc


We would like to deeply thank the musicians and rhapsodist (Paco, Guillem, Ale, Jordi, Acari, Bernat, Oroitz i Jordi) that have collaborated in this project, for sharing with us their outstanding musicianship, commitment and generosity. Jordi Vidal for his infinite patience, savoir-faire and, of course, his craftsmanship. Gustavo Caprin: thanks for the photographs and the good time he had together. Thanks to Juanpa for the linguistic advice and to Xarra for believing in us.


Diana Palau & Joel Moreno Project

Ahotsa: Diana Palau

Gitarra: Joel Moreno Codinachs

Saxo tenorra (8. gaia) eta klarinete baxua (5. gaia): Jordi Santanach

Pianoa (2. eta 4. gaiak): Alejandro Di Costanzo

Eskusoinua  (3. gaia): Oroitz Maiz

Kontrabaxua (2., 4., 5., 6., 7. eta 10. gaiak): Paco Weht

Baxu elektrikoa (8. gaia): Bernat Hernandez

Bateria (2., 4., 5., 6. eta 7. gaiak): Guillem Arnedo

Perkusioa (8. eta 9. gaiak): Acari Bertran

Rapsoda (2. gaia): Jordi Oriol

Diana Palauk eta Joel Morenok egokituak dira gai guztiak.

Jordi Vidalek 2014ko irailaren 30ean eta urriaren 1ean Estudi Laietanan grabatua.
Nahasketa eta masterizazio lanak Jordi Vidalek eginak.

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