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Northern Exposure LP

April 2016



This second album  is a natural evolutionary step that  any good band must take when it´s main influence lies in the best of black music  but built up with own wisdom, identity, and personality.
A collection of thirteen originals with great lyrics, all composed by Hurt-Cavaleiro, recorded at Rock Palace studio. Songs  that not only  drink from R´n´B sources but explore through them different musical territories and take us back to a time between the 1960s and early 1970s-flavored in purest soul sound in "Soulless Town", seasoned pop "Set me free", New Orleans "I´m in love with a man", Latin sounds  in “Requiem for to love”  the ballad “The sharpest knife” or even Ska reminiscences  in “River Jordan”, Not forgetting one of the record jewels  where the band pays tribute to another icon of the genre, the sadly missing Amy Winehouse.

All played by  Lucille´s powerful voice  and a more than just a  solid line up made by Aldo Cavaleiro (bass), Ritchie "the man" (guitar), Marcos Ortega (trumpet), Diego Jiménez (baritone sax), Guillaume Guinot (tenor sax), Bobby Lawrence (trombone), Henar Rodríguez (keyboards), Vanja Polacek (drums), Alba Sánchez (vocals), Itxaso Satrústegui (vocals) which undoubtedly lead to fruition this true catalogue of bright influences.

When everything seemed to be  lost, the flame is still burning after all. Northern Exposure is the proof of it. The Lucilles are back in town




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