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March 2022
CD eta LP


After their previous work "The Anvil Be" the band led by Bosco Hill and Rubén Xuarez keep on perpetuating a legacy full of music roots with a high content of pop, psychedelia, country, blues an ostensible rock and roll attitude and a sixties and seventies reminiscent through fourteen great songs.

Once again and with the sea as the key player in a clear allegory to the inevitable death and rebirth process in all orders of life, the band formed by Bosco Hill on vocals , acoustic and electric guitar, banjo and percussion, Rubén Xuárez  on vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion, Xabier Vieitez on keyboards, carillón and backing vocals, Jorge Lorre Bajo, backing vocals , Rufus “El Guarro” on  drums and backing vocals, give birth a record that consolidates a career  traced by  constant evolution, with a more electric and even experimental spirit, where instruments that used to be part of the band's sound  in previous records hand over their leading role and have been replaced by keyboards, electric guitars or even the Theremin, present in some tracks, consolidating a new and interesting sound proposal.

Recorded live, co-produced along with the band, and mastered at Radar studios in Vigo by Pablo Iglesias, "Sufrage" also has collaborations from Oscar Avendaño (former bassist of Siniestro Total), on harmonica and Paulo Pascual (Comrade Nimoy, Wave Modulator) in the Theremin. A record beyond the band's evolutionary point, doesn't forget its true purpose, making great songs. Right from folk anthem and tavern flavored "The Beast" full of electrified arrangements in the purest Family Folks tradition along with the Theremin sound, just to go through mixed taste halfway between country and pop of "A certain angel". The wonderful "As tears go by" with undeniable sixty´s flavor and a great the collaboration by Xabier Vieitez on keyboards.  "Elora" follows the same path, this time with a more "garage" taste, to brings us "Drunk", a mixed mid-tempo and decadent song. "Naufrage" sung in French, highlights one of the band's most eclectic points. "What you needed" makes evident his compositional expertise in  a  Waltz key  to return to the country reminiscences in "Damm the Throne" and to take a turn towards rock and roll in "Don't wanna let it go", transiting the Blues in "The Werewolf Blues" and bringing , "The thoughts of Amanda" again with the traditional  band´s seal , approaching soul music  in "Tremble" and ending up in a most “americana” tradition with "Shooting Star ".

After the shipwreck, we can only start again. Collect the pieces scattered in the sand and be reborn. Family Folks masterfully handle the art of not looking back more than necessary, aware of the permanent movement, the tides and above all, the sirens chants that the sea returns us over time, giving life to this splendid record called "Sufrage"



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