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It's Fiesta Time

June 2010

This album is the result of the enormous amount of musical and life experiences of the band after his performances at clubs and festivals throughout Europe, Mexico and the U.S. with people like Charlie Musselwhite, Aron Burton, etc.
A major influence on this recording has been the multicultural nature of the band since the base is formed by the Galician Marcos Coll harmonic and Adrian Costa, voice and guitar, the Spaniard Javier Vacas at guitar, the German Cristian Rannemberg at piano and Mozambican Carlos Delalane, drums and bass.
The collaborations have been many and varied, the sax of Gary Wiggins, the accordion of Dwayne Verheyden  ... Antonio Pax at drums and the voice of Miguel Angel Hernando "Lychis" from the group La Cabra Mecánica.

In the songs we can find lyrics in English, Spanglish and Spanish derives from a mixture of travel, places, languages and cultures absorbed by the band and styles like blues, rock and roll, boogie, rithmandblues, soul, funk & latin grooves .

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