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April 2016



The record starts up with a little wink to J.J. Cale, the energetic  “Brotes verdes” and “Cayetana” a little shuffle groove played by the band along harp player Manuel Velasco, right before getting into  more jazzy and instrumental grounds in “El hábito no hace al monje”. They pay tribute to Junior Wells in “Adonis”, a “Snatch it back and Hold it” cover  in Spanish which  precedes  “Black Spain”  and  the instrumental “De lo malo a lo peor”. They go  back to the blues on “Desencuentro marital”,  Velasco once again in Harp  and Chema Palenzuela on keyboards. “I got the blues” where the rythm section turns this blues music standard into reggae. Blues Rock takes place on “Perra es la noche”  and “Bloody Mary” as well as the peculiar way of telling stories  through  some very particular lyrics always present along the record wich confers the band a special  authenticity  touch. Record ends  up with Coltraine´s “Equinox” where they travel  again  into jazz with  Palenzuela on  rhodes piano and Velasco on harp. “Cuota of leche” possibly becames one of the most rock oriented song from the record, with the band´s characteristic literary stamp.