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GORRI ISILA constitutes the debut of ERRABAL, a Basque jazz record label committed to backing groups formed here and now. Although some of its forthcoming projects are currently in the design and even the (more or less advanced) production stage, the newly-brought-out catalogue is inaugurated with this vocal album. Jazz in the Basque language.

No scat, no onomatopoeias - ‘only’ the strength of words, verbs made music. This is a work with an undeniably poetic base, imbued with a melodic sense in order to adapt it to the emotional climate evoked in each of its tales, which were mainly written by the singer herself. This musician has a rich internal universe, which is shown here with great sweetness, delicacy and sensitivity.

A fertile imagination that transfers sensations of love to everyday things – those things that really matter, in the hope of making a better world despite suffering, wasted time or wrinkles that are half hidden by the compassionate light given off by the blues track ‘Bioleten negua’.

In formations that oscillate between a trio and a quintet, Miren demonstrates the different tonalities encompassed by the ENSEMBLE. Alongside Joseba Loinaz and Jean Paul Gilles on the piano and double bass, she takes on two of the tracks loaned by Iparragirre and Atxaga and makes them her own, especially given the level of harmonisation with which she integrates them into the group’s global sound. Accompanied by Edio Pessi on the guitar, she gives herself over to the Lisbonesque fantasy so wonderfully expressed by Fernando Pessoa in ‘Infado’, making a fine Portuguese connection.

In the other tracks it is the trio Salvador-Tejada-Celada which accompanies the protagonist, with amazing skill, through a wide range of different themes and areas. This group of three musicians provides wonderful support to the joy and happiness demonstrated in ‘Gure panpoxa’ and then almost tiptoes through ‘Apatx’ in order not to wake the sleeping baby.

In the last track, which is an instrumental piece entitled ‘Sur les cimes’ Jean Louis Hargous demonstrates an open, improvisational spirit. A worthy epilogue for someone who constitutes the principal backbone of this wonderful ensemble.

**Pablo Zuñiga**