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From the men we are

May 2016

“From the men we " it is a duality between music and poetry.  A compendium of parallelisms between this musical inheritance seasoned by crudeness and elegance, anger and sensitivity through  Asturian poet Adolfo Gustavo Pérez González vital pathway. A journey through author´s  life and work,  right from his country  origins, born in a rural area " Hope of July " with funk and góspel reminiscences and where the similarity of origins is established between the poet and the old bluesmen. In furious "Celtic Spells" they inquire into Celtic inheritance in Asturian tradition through author´s verses just giving step to Antonio Machín´s recreation “Little Black Angels ", a melancholy allegation against  racism  checking the life of the poet and his adolescence during the Spanish civil war. “Not to Nob " describes post war time with a  slide guitar, elegant dynamics and developments  only owned by great rock bands. Soul music takes place in " Growing to your chest " a tribute   to the author´s first love inspired by  his  own texts where the band gives proof of great versatility handling different  music styles.

“Hair Trigger "  brings back rock with a  certain seventies flavour by the hand of the organ Hammond intro,  chronologically placed in poet´s maturity  in an urban environment, where the band returns to raise the poet´s existential dichotomy. Poetry and survival.

“Fire in the hole " probably the most aggressive and combative piece from the disc, through wich  the injustice period lived by the poet during that period is materialized and revealed in an industrialized world of unstable jobs  and social denunciation. In " In to low mood " the band takes us  to a vital moment near the end, oldness where he thinks over his own work and the lived time, rock without labels, poetical atmosphere to the service of these reflections.

" The Boy " based on the poem " The Child " it reveals the kindness of the band in a of blues rock environment,  rhodes and elaborated guitars. " Requiem Mass " recovers the band´s more orthodox blues inheritance in a  kind of a  work song wich  illustrates the author´s  winter of life and death. " When you leave " is the final reflection from this magnificent record.

From the men we are " is a conceptual work that leads us to travel through the life and work of the Asturian poet Adolfo Gustavo Perez Gonzalez in a blues, Rock, Soul universe from the man he was, from what he lived and from what he wrote. A portrait  of a life lived half way between survival a finest art. As far from recognition as near to genius.

An impecable third work from Blues and Decker band. From the men who are, Gustavo Perez (voice and rhythm guitar and poet´s grandson), Ludwig Molina (drums), Kike Cuetos (bass) and Guzmán Lanza (guitar), in wich the Asturians, starting out  from the origins and thanks to an enormous talent both in the compositions as well as in  the execution, keep on moving forward labels and styles by doing something unique  and untransferable out of their way.


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