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Four Birds

September 2019




The inflection point is called "Four Birds" and it comes in the form of eleven magnificent original compositions that ostensibly distance us from the more rigorous twelve-bar blues and, while still being present at all times, bring us closer to a much more creative and mature production, full of folk, country and other roots music references  with the band´s personal touch,  an experienced band that has worked many years along the circuit and perfectly knows, not only the required concept but also manages each and every one of the stylistic rudiments necessary to achieve a brilliant result. Recorded at the Audiofeeling studios with Diego Gracia as sound engineer, produced by the band itself which also sign almost all of the songs.


"Four Birds" gathers between acoustic and electric at all times, wisely alternating two concepts frequently used by the band live. From the delicious and rural, with undeniable tinges of American folk "What else" going through the electric, and at the same time bluesy "Trouble" to get to “She never says she loves me” where Jazz and Blues are condensed equally. In "Miss Mean" the band reaches more than outstanding composition level and the song goes through country folk with enormous depth and feeling becoming one of the little gems that we can discover on this record. "Fish in a bucket" is based on a spectacular Electric Blues riff, an incendiary guitar solo by Pepe Vázquez, even reaching an almost funk rhythm tension in some moment to take us back to the acoustic sound in "Romantic Films" and the Delicious "Things that really Count". In the autobiographical "Four Birds" the band returns to the most energetic Blues origins by taking us to "Driving down the hole" and ending up with "Wayfaring Stranger", the only piece not composed by the band and country blues oriented "Looking for a Gig".




The perfect place, the crossroads where musical roots coming from the Blues converge and explore many other traditions in American music. A record called "Four Birds" as a result of the very own character from a great band called Blues Whale.