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For Dancers Only LP

April 2018

“For Dancers Only” says it all from a band formed by Txefo K-billy (drums), Xixo Yantani (percussion), Guru Teje (bass), Rambo “The street King” (guitar), Raimund Dietzen (keyboards), Mihail Goldfingers (sax, flute) y Art LaRock (trombone) developing a very unique style through this twelve songs in wich the groove takes possesion right from the beginning on “Tout va Bien” or  “For Dancers Only” followed by “Simon is Back” an early seventies  Funk music alusion. “Marvin’s Night”  a Motown reminiscent and a tribute to the long missed Marvin Gaye “4, 3, 2,1” half way between Latin sounds due to percussion and Stax style chorus. “Doin´ Slowly” relaxes the atmosphere thanks to Mihail Goldfingers on flute and Xixo Yantani´s percussion. Back to the dance floor on  “Edición Especial” and “LP Fiction”. Art LaRock´s trombone takes control along with Raimund Dietzen on Keyboads on “Fostex Lady” taking  us  dancing right to  “Run and Gun” Rhodes organ brings us the very only female sung track the half jazz-half soft soul“Susu Pétalos”. Black Cream” puts the record to an end gliding across the dance floor.

“For Dancers Only”  is a record full of influences, right from Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye or The Jb´s to Grant Green, Lou Donaldson o Lonnie Smith. A perfectly designed work acccomplished by this band from Bilbao built up with the accurate groove and wisdom who have mixed endless afro american influences along the years just to establish  a very own style without losing sight. “For Dancers Only”  is a record made from  The Cherry Boppers experience with the clear aim to be danced.

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