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Everything is Changing

October 2016



 “Everything is Changing” means speaking of Iñigo Ortiz de Zárate (organ and guitar), Ernesto García (guitar), Iñaki “Igu” García (voice and harp), Zigor Akixo (drums) and Ruper Díez (bass) on their top level and about a trip through a path they invented  themselves  they called   it Soulful Rhythm & Blues.  Is to talk about Jorge Explosión  great producing work at Circo Perrotti and about eight songs analogically recorded that go right from the self titled  “Everything is Changing”, a swampy guitar Mayall flavored half time with a  wonderful brass section present in the whole record and an excellent organ and  Íñigo Ortiz de Zárate´s guitar as well. Passing through “Tell the truth” the missing link between the great Wilco Johnson to the incombustible Wilson Pickett soul heritage with Igu´s mark as a master of ceremony. Reaching out Stax nerve by Zigor Akixo y Ruper Díez hands on rhythm section in “I´m your slave” a cool stroll through the dance hall spiced by Ernesto´s wah wah guitar sound just to jump up to New Orleans Rhythms in  “My baby´s gone” maintaining the blues pulse in it´s more country blues version in “Gipsy Woman” an incendiary flirting between Igu´s harp and Iñigo´s guitar. The band keeps on displaying resources by Igu´s harp in a travel back to funk from the seventies  with an old Chicago blues flavor in “My Buddy Buddy Friends” signed by Dr. Feelgood just to get to the wonderful “I´m Gonna Miss You “ a true evidence about what a soul ballad has to be      , flawless playing,  beautiful arragements, thrilling lyrics but most of all attitude and emotion. In case anything was missing the band ends up this work with the furious “Midnight Boogie”.

Listen: My babe is gone





1-      Everything is Changing

2-      Tell the Truth

3-      I´m Your Slave

4-      My Babe is Gone


5-      Gipsy Woman

6-      My Buddy Dubby Friends

7-      I´m Gonna Miss You

8-      Midnight Boogie


El Reparto

Iñigo Ortiz de Zarate - Órgano y Guitarra

Ernesto García – Guitarra

Iñaki "Igu" García - Voz y Armónica

Zigor Akixo – Batería

Ruper Díez - Bajo




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