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Errepideak ez ditut maite




1. Japoniar neska.   mp3
2. Oker.
3. Jeloskor.
4. Luzaroan zu gabe.
5. Errepideak ez ditut maite.
6. Dutxan edo ohatzean.
7. Beldurra arnastu.
8. Belarriak bero.
9. Gautxoria.
10. Kutsatuta.

October 2001

Joseba Irazoki: guitars and vocals.
Iñigo Telletxea: bass and choirs.
Igor Telletxea: drums and winds.
Ibai Gogorza: keyboard, guitar and choirs.

An album where pop type songs with mood blasts of house, samplers, violins and wind instruments can be found accompanying the quartet of guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. A work that comes from the frontier zone of psychedelic rock showing that elegance and forcefulness are not mutually exclusive. Digi-pack format.