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“Bi pauso” basically includes the band’s own compositions, stories that immerse us directly in the thematic and sound universe of the blues: the loneliness of the person who's been dropped by his/her loved one (“Bi pauso”), the inevitable attraction you feel when you’re tempted by the forbidden (“Deabruaren begirada”), music as a means of escape and hope (“Mezua”), nostalgia for the bluesmen of the Mississippi (“Mississippiko azken bluesa”), the classical iconography of blues represented by the bad cowboy and pretty girls (“Bad Jack”), solitary guys and whisky (Gato Blues)…

March 2012



The list of songs is completed with various covers of “Tulsa Time” (piece by Danny Flowers recorded by Eric Clapton), “Blues is my Business” (made popular by the recently deceased Etta James) and “From Four Until Late” (Robert Johnson).


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