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Berriz Blues Sessions


1. I?m trough with you.   mp3
2. She?s a hum dum dinger.
3. See that my grave is kept clean.
4. Good times.
5. District attorney.
6. Going away party.
7. Ida red.
8. Black nights.
9. I smoke too much.
10. Honey, what you gonna do.
11. Early in the morning.
12. Joker stomp.
13. Polo blues.
14. Juke.
15. From Eibar to Durango.

February 1997

Malcolm Scarpa: guitar and voice.
**Ñaco Goñi:** harmonica.
Dani Brito: bass and double bass.
**Armando Marcí:** drums and percussion.
Joseba Tapia: diatonic accordion.

The result of a series of sessions in Berriz, Bizkaia, in the studios of Lorentzo Records. The tracks are all live recordings that are bursting with freshness, interspersing traditional blues with original melodies in the best acoustic blues style. The album also features Joseba Tapia as a special guest musician. A very special album for blues lovers everywhere. In digipack format.

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