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Amets bat


1. Bera.   mp3
2. Perika.
3. Ilusioa.
4. Lasai.
5. Egun bat gehiago.
6. Askatasunik gabe.
7. Zeru infernu.
8. Kapitalista.
9. Ezinezkoa da.
10. Nick Drake.
11. Zu.

12. Beste kantu bat mp3

May 1999

Petti: guitars and vocals.
Kristina Arzallus: cello.
Garbiñe Goia: keyboard.
Fernan Irazoki: drums.
Mikel Irazoki: bass.
Beñardo Goietxe: choirs.
Fresko: clarinet.
Saioa Ataun: choirs.
Joseba Irazoki: slide.
Telletxea anaiak: drums and bass.
Maikel: recording and more things.

Collection of songs which send shivers up our spines with their existentialism and with rhythmic roots in artists who are on the limits: we are thinking about Tim Buckley or Nick Drake, in Nick Cave or Tom Waits, thinking about them so we don’t go off the road.

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