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A Tablero

The disc "A tablero" has a set of 8 items composed and arranged by the disc's author. They were all written within a short space of time and were designed to be played by the other musicians who make up the disc. In it I have tried to provide additional coherence to the compositions by including in each one a leitmotiv that ends up reflecting my relationship with the musicians over the course of time. We all change, but there’s one thing that doesn’t: our friendship and loving relationship with the music we share.

May 2012


The title of the disc has a certain parallelism with a type of shot done in basketball, and it is a fact that if you shoot at the backboard you are much more likely to get the ball into the basket than if you shoot straight into it, so whenever we run a risk, we are trying to shoot straight into the basket. We always try to do that, as it puts us in a risky situation, in which we play things we would not otherwise have played, and penetrate places where intuition becomes much more relevant than the simple fact of reproducing automatisms.  To penetrate these fields, you’ve got to surround yourself with people you implicitly trust. There is no better excuse for sharing this experience with Javi, Miguel, Fran and Marcos than the chance to get to know each other even better.

I find it tricky trying to put a label on this disc, in general terms it is jazz, but it is still the sum of the discs and live concerts I've heard over the course of time, the influence of musicians I have shared great moments with plus the added spice of all the ideas that flourish through just knowing that you're going to share it with these friends. It takes its inspiration from the energy that is awoken when a sound is imagined, when you see that the other person will turn it into reality and that the universe will accept it.

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