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BERGARA Pantxoa XABALTX was born in Souraide(Labourd), and has now choosen to live in Urdax (Navarre) .He was born on the 16th of February 1969 and is nowadays considered as an author,a composer,a performer,a radio presenter and a poet.

The radio presenter

In 1996 XABALTX starts working on the radio. He begins with being both a technician and a broadcaster on a basque radio called GURE IRRATIA. During 4 years, XABALTX will have to do a bit of everything but he will end by doing what he really likes: presenting musical programmes. Therefore he ll present hiruak zuzenean the unavoidable appointment for the promotion of the basque artists. This programme will also include XABALTX ‘ s musical tastes and will be broadcasted on 3 different radios at the same time. From fermin MUGURUZA to Mikel LABOA, all the musicians and artists of the basque country will spend an hour answering to the questions of this euskaldun specialist in music . In 2003 XABALTX will give up his job in GURE IRRATIA and will start working on a public radio called France Bleu Pays Basque. On this radio, he ll present a basque programme.Moreover XABALTX will be doing interviews of people on their own ground giving back to the radio its nomad aspect. This his how XABALTX will ride a horse across the Basque country,sail a rafting boat on the Nive, dress up as a pig to interview people during the ham fair and pamplona fiestas.

The musician

In 1986 XABALTX will form a band called IPAR HAIZE with his friend and now lead singer of the band SUSTRAIA: MIXU. Later on, the Pochelu brothers will join the band. In the Punk-Rock atmosphere of the 80ies, XABALTX and his band will bring a brand new fresh air with their pop-rocky music.This is how XABALTX will perform about 40 concerts evey year, sharing the stage with famous basque artists such as OSKORRI, NIKO ETXART, ANJE DUHALDE, ITOIZ, HERTZAINAK, SU TA GAR, MINXORIAK...During this same period, XABALTX will write this now very well known and performed piece of genius: BETI TABERNA HUNTAN(always in the same bar).

In 1989,the band splits up and XABATX decides to start a solo career.

In 1990 XABALTX wins at the EUSKAL KANTU XAPELKETA competition as an author,composer and performer with his beautiful song called LORE EDER (beautiful flower).Thanks to this , XABALTX is then able to perform lots of concerts as a solo artist. However he quickly feels the need to give more sound and several voices to his music and this is how he decides to make up a new band.Jacques Rouet at the drum kit, Jean-Francois Feriol at the electric guitar and Manu Badiola at the bass guitar will be his new misicians in a band called XABALTX & H2O even though water is not their favourite drink.

In 1994,XABALTX starts a 2 weeks musical tour across Ireland and falling in love with the green Lady, his staying lasts for 5 monthes, lost in the magics and the spirits... In Ireland XABALTX realizes that music is part of everyday’ s life and that it gather people together.Then in the midst of the crazy musical nights which take place in the pubs,he gives birth to his first record (an auto-production) called XABALTX ETA H2O.The record is a real success and a couple of songs called OSTATU PSI (the psychiatric bar) and BELAR HOBERENA (the best grass) keep on being sung by lots of artists. XABALTX finally comes back home and starts singing in front of the basque audience again..

In 1996,he writes a song called MARINEL GALDUA (the lost sailor) and trains the young singer Moena Delacre who will win the competition EUSKAL KANTU XAPELKETA with a price voted by the pannel of the judges, a price for her interpretation and a last one voted by the public.This will be a real success.

In 1998 XABALTX gives again the opportunity to another young talent, Celine Mounole, to take part to the final of this same basque competition with a new song called : NEGARRETAN;

A few monthes later XABALTX records his secund album :ZALANTZAK (the doubts) with a record company called IZ. The band is made up out of the members of a group named AISTRIKA

In 2001, XABALTX makes another album : GAU ERDI PASA ETA (after midnight), with a company called AGORILA. This album is recorded with the help and the skills of the ex guitarist of the band ITOIZ :Xaby Pery. This album is enhanced by a lot of guest stars such as NATXO DE FELIPE from OSKORRI, MICHEL DUCAU from ERROBI, IBAN from SU TA GAR , MIXU from SUSTRAIA.The single EDATEN ( and i drink) will be sung by lots of differents groups. At the end of 2002, XABALTX exhausted by a stressed and unhealthy way of leaving, decides to stop giving concerts for a while.

In 2005 XABALTX has a heart attack. Lucky to escape from it alive, XABALTX wants to take it easy; he then rests for a while and decides to give up drugs and alcohol. He has been taking his time to prepare his 4th album SMS GALDUAK or the lost SMSs ,a beautiful piece of work of this Navarro from the Labourd . This amazingly rich album stands for XABALTX on his own write ,(both music and lyrics).The artists is then a composer, a writer, a guitar player and even makes some bass and keybords arrangements.He s obviously doing the lead singing including the backing vocals, without forgetting he s also programming the sounds of his album. It is important to mention that this album is co-produced by PASCAL GARMENDIA, ,producer and sound engineer from Toulouse, who offered his special skills and his special energy to XABALTX’ s improving electric work. This new album has got an electro-pop sound and XABALTX, the musician, has been able to create a wonderful harmony between the music and the lyrics.

The poet

When XABALTX was 15 , he read LES FLEURS DU MAL from Charles Baudelaire . Then suddenly something grew inside of him and he decided to write his sensations on a piece of paper.His litterature then becomes a base for his future lyrics. The basque literary review MAIATZ published several of his poems and it is quite frequent to read some of his petical work in the yearly collection of poetries called HATSaren POESIA (collection of poetries gathered by Hatsa elkartea). Xabaltx also collaborates on the writing of lyrics of the songs of such artists as MIXU,TXO....and he writes a 99% of his lyrics.