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The density of a blues guitar

At the begining of the 80?s Tonky de la peña formed the Tonky Blues Band in Madrid. He soon became famous playing in nocturnal clubs of blues. He also collaborated with the greatest musicians of blues like for example Carey Bell, Louisiana Red, Charlie Musselwhite… , reciving in more than one time the invitation of Albert Collins to play with his Icebreakers.
During the tour that Jerry Lee Lewis did by the spanish state in 1990, Tonky de la peña would be incorporated to his band, and The Tonky Blues Band would be the one wich would accompany the famous guitarrist Mick Taylor (old component of the Bluesbreaker of Jonh Mayall first, and component of the Rolling Stones after that) during his tours. Tonky would record with Jerry Lee Lewis the disc called Piedra rodante.
Nowadays the Tonky Blues Band is between the greatest europeans blues bands, taking part in important festivals, without leaving the clubs where the band was born.
During some decades it?s been considered as an important blues school and it still continuous..
In the last tour of the band, they have accompanied the american veteran musician Buddy Miles, drummer and singer, next to people like Jimmi Hendrix or Santana.