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The Romanticos


There are bands or soloists you only have to listen to for a few minutes before you immediately become aware of their quality, something in the sound, the way they play, the voice, the compositions, which attract you. It doesn’t have to be something special or original, it is enough if you are moved, if you are made to feel something, and reach the conclusion that it is worthwhile paying attention to what you are listening to.

That is what happens when you insert My Time into the player, the first work of The Romanticos, and I’m Worried starts. The Romanticos is a trio that got together in 2009 in Tolosa (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country), but which within a short time has achieved the presence of an amazing group. Iker Piris (vocals, guitar and composer of most of the items), Ricky Avila (base) and Adrián Carrera (drums) got together to play blues and Afro-American music in general, and what is more, to give free rein to the creativity of Piris, a singer with a pleasant, warm voice and an excellent guitarist. Their repertoire includes 60s-70s funk, modern Chicago blues with recognizable influences of B.B. King, Johnny Guitar Watson, Ray Charles or The Meters. But The Romanticos don’t just do renderings, they devote particular interest to doing their own compositions, which makes the trio even more attractive.