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The Allnighters

To speak about  The Allnighters is to speak about one of the main referents regarding black music in the country and about  a time when  R ´n´B  was little more than an often misunderstood and residual  gender. Long before revivalist fevers, beyond temporal tendencies and  fashions, This band from Vitoria raised the genre´s  flag up to the top for  a decade inspired  by soul, blues and psychodelia but most of all by attitude, an attitude that only great bands have.

Since  1988 and a overwhelming live on stage performance The Allnighters signed 3 Lps, several singles, hundreds of gigs and so many different  collaborations along with international artists, sweeping along an army of faithful fans  to which they  said good bye in 1998. A long   waiting but definitely worth it. In 2013 they came back with the same energy of always just to  perpetuate their legacy and recover the place where they belong  inside the scene

Listen : Gipsy Woman