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Tapia eta Leturia is more than just the combination of an accordionist and a tambourine player that since 1984, year when they first got together , have performed music for the trikitixa (diatonic accordion) in every possible scene, from the championships, which they won twice in a row to the fiestas and pilgrimage passing on to concert halls and festivals both rock and folk.

But Tapia eta Leturia are something more, a registered brand of authenticity in the circle of contemporary triki, two musicians that know how to adapt themselves to all the possible contexts. Only from the knowledge of the internal dynamics of the tradition can you break apart from it when necessary, without altering the product, or making it artificial or pretentious.

They were the first to enlarge the classical couple formation called trikitilari (consisting of a diatonic accordionist and a tambourine player), introducing new instruments and sounds. They definitively opened the circle of the trikitixa, trail which many young groups would follow later on like Gozategi, Maixa eta Itziar, Alaitz eta Maider...

Tapia eta Leturia went on their first tour abroad in 1992, playing in the United Kingdom. In 1993 they accompanied Negu Gorriak on the tour Negu Gorriak did in Central Europe. It's not until 1994 that they cross the Atlantic ocean to play in California, always linked to the atmosphere of the Basque emigrant colonies.

Consequences of one of these trips emerges an interesting tour in 1996 in Canada attending different folk music festivals; entering this way in a circuit in which the sound of the trikitixa was almost totally unfamiliar or the way the tambourine is played in this part of Europe.

With the motif of one of their tours around Canada they had the opportunity to share stage with the band of Sharon Shannon. They repeated their visits to Canada the following years taking part in different festivals from coast to coast. Here is where Tapia's relationship starts with Quebec which gave origin to other musical results. They also participated in several live themes with the band La Bottine Souriante at the folk festival in Getxo; a great band and a authentic university of the best fusion of folk.

Tapia eta Leturia have created a new quartet formation next to the violinist Arkaitz Miner and pianist Txus Aranburu. The presence of a violin shouldn't be seen as a modern eccentricity. The old prints, stories and the opinion of the folklorist seem to demonstrate that the violin (arrabita) was one of the instruments used in the music played for the traditional dances of the Basque Country. Now days, Tapia eta Leturia find themselves playing in this new quartet formation which consist of a great harmonious richness with the inclusion of a violin and a piano without losing one pinch of their sense of entertainment, rhythm of the heart of the music from the Basque Country: the trikitixa.