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It is not usual to find young blues bands offering a self made original songs repertoire moving away from twelve bar blues cliché and a lot less  doing it without literally copying the old classic blues originals in an attempt to emulate with elder or lower fortune  a formula, that without creativity may result stale, becaming usually boring to fans eventually. In addition to this,  it is much less common to listen bands that using blues music universal language build up songs in their own language writting them  with great quality and own identity.

With a sonority provided by their  language and the impetuosity of a band formed in 2010  out of Jon Barreros (vocals, guitar) and Urko Ruiz de Apodaka Jauregiondo (bass) reunión, they met at Ordizia School of Music along with Yon Labayen (piano and organ) and  Fermín Etxeberria (drums) as last band´s incorporation strengthening the project from 2014 and taking shape thanks to Fredi Peláez supervisión at Potokko Studios