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Reverendos was formed in 1997 by Igor Garcia (vocals and piano) and Alvaro Martínez (guitar) with the aim of recovering old blues sounds and filling in a gap in the style which was calling out to them, influenced as they were by the negro music of the 40s and 50s and the sounds of Californian west coast blues, rockabilly and swing, as well as by the music of T-bone Walker and Freddie King. Igor comes from the group The Hollers, while Alvaro once played with the Bullyson Blues Band. The band’s initial name was The Blue Spirits, although they later changed it to the Reverendos. After many changes in the rhythmic section, the group hit the right balance with Victor Martin (Temblores) on the double-bass and Javi Caballero (Jukebox Rackett) on the drums. Reverendos has brought out two albums so far: “Retro Blues” (2004) and “Back In Town” (2007). The many stars for whom they have warmed up the crowd include Robert Cray, Jerry Lee Lewis and Pinetop Perkins.


Hear: Bilbao, LA