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The singer-songwriter that combines tradition, folklore and modernity

The story begins in 1997 with Mikels first release, Haitzetan (On the rocks), featuring his pure voice accompanied by a Cello quartet, thus creating a beautiful ambience all of his own.

The success of this first release prompted a more ambitious Project in 1998. With more time spent on both songwriting & production, Badira hiru aste (After three weeks) went a long way to consolidating the "unique sound" of Mikel Urdangarin, oh, & of course, more commercial success.

In 2000 Mikel formed his own group, playing to packed audiences all over the Basque Country and abroad, all through the year to great critical acclaim.

Also the same year was spent writing & recording his third album, Espilue (Looking glass) including two songs recorded in Scotland with the folk group Cantrip. This album was proclaimed to be the best basque album of the year and went on to live up to expectations, simply a classic.

By last year Mikel was still constantly touring to an ever increasing & admiring public, yet he found time to co-write Bar Puerto with Bingen Mendizabal, a world renowned film-sountrack composer from the Basque Country. This album is very ambient, you can almost smell the sea !!