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Not being a newcomer in the music business has its advantages, especially when you are involved in a new project Asier Leoz


The origins of KOKEIN date back to 1999 with Txitxes, Jatsu and Zaloa, who received their training in groups such as Luther, Ehun Kilo and Kukka. The fourth member at that time was Fory-Storbais, who was later replaced by Lete, ex–drummer with the group Kafha. The group recorded a rough cut (which is today impossible to find) in their practice studios in Eibar.

What unites these four young people is their love of music, understood in its most global sense, as the culmination of many different sources. When composing, they adhere to a new vision of rock, encompassing everything from the creative impulses of the 90s to the sophistication of the 21st century. 2002 has been a year of excitement and hard work for the group, as evident in this EP with which they are premiering their album.

To aid them in this task, they have had the help and support of an extensive team of professionals. The artistic production has been taken care of by Rafa Rueda, who has acted as another member of the group as regards musical arrangements. Those at PILT have also lent their collaboration, with Xanpe assuming responsibility for the digitalisation and Haritz Harreguy collaborating with the mixes at the Garate studio in Andoain.

As part of their goal to unite their music with the visual side of things, they have worked with the photographer Borja Olabe and with Enrique Laborda on the design. And going one step further, the CD also contains the video of the track ‘Zutaz oroitzen’, by Haimar Olaskoaga and Iñaki Beraetxe.