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It is the result of the work of four friends who live in three different parts of the Basque Country: J. Sangre (Ekon, Brutal Melody, etc.), Keu and Mikel (Etsaiak, Uek, Psychophony, etc.) and Iban (Su Ta Gar, Baldin Bada, etc.). These four musicians have worked together on stage many times in the past and gradually formed a strong friendship. It has been a while now since they first got together and made plans to work in collaboration and in 2002 they started sending rough cuts and ideas. Each member developed his own ideas and then in June 2003 they got together in a farmhouse. In January 2004 they recorded a rough cut with Jimmy from Soziedad Alkoholika, as a pre-production, and then, in February and March, they recorded the album in the Katarain studios with Jonan Ordorika and Angel Katarain. Jimmy from SA did a great job with the production, which in conjunction with the group’s ideas, has resulted in a very special album.

The album contains ten tracks, eight in Basque and two in English. These tracks demonstrate that all four members are veteran musicians who have very clear ideas about their work: Keu (guitar), Mikel (bass) and Iban (drums) are brilliant musicians and Juan’s voice leaves us dumbfounded. Their coming together is a wonderful surprise. They have recorded an album with a capital A, which will no doubt take the market by storm. They take inspiration from Pride F.C. from Japan and you’d better watch out, because they are spoiling for a fight. Each song is a world on its own, a whole style, but all maintain the same extremely high level. The group has taken advantage of the fact that it is new – the lack of preconceived expectations gives it the freedom to do what it wants, to experiment. The album contains elements of heavy metal, punk-rock and also POP (capital letters deliberate), although with many nuances. There are also echoes of rock-and-rock and hard rock, and the ghosts of Faith No More and other icons also make their presence felt from time to time. The songs generally follow modern trends but also have roots in Basque rock. The album contains true four-minute hits, two-minute punk-rock tracks, metal and a couple of more gentle moments.

In general, the group has written critical and combative lyrics with no holding back: ‘Sinestu’, ‘Borreroaren justizia’, ‘Saihetsi’, ‘Zikin’, ‘Don’t give you away’ etc., as well as a number of more intimate ones: ‘Zirrara’, ‘Pekatuak ezabatzen’, etc.
Iker Barandiaran.