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Esne Beltza was formed in 2007, the year they began giving his first concerts in Euskal Herria and Catalonia with a repertoire based on versions of other groups such as Joxe Ripiau, Etzakit, Fermin Muguruza, Negu Gorriak ... Indeed, several members have previously been on these bands and others. Esne Beltza comprises: Xabier Solano (voice and trikitixa; Etzakit, Lau Itzal, The Solanos, Fermin Muguruza), Jon Mari Beasain (guitar Etzakit, Evil Eye), Sergio Ordonez Patxuko (vocals and percussion; Joxe Ripiau, The Solanos), Iban Zugarramurdi (drums; Baldin Bada, Su Ta Gar Fjord), Aitor Zabaleta (bass; Etzakit, Izotz) Lampre Zigor DZ (dj; Selektah Kolektiboa, Fermin Muguruza), Aritz Lonbide (trumpet ttake, Fermin Muguruza ), Jon Elizalde (trombone ttake, Fermin Muguruza) and Pello Gorrotxategi (keyboards; Izotz).
Later he wrote the song for the new campaign Etxerat organization, Bozgoragailuetatik, published on CD-single, and took part along with many other disk groups Irun Lion Zion Dub. Vol 1 (Talk, 2007), with a dub version of the item Hipokresia naiz by Xabi Pery. Made in Euskal Herria (Gaztelupeko Hotsak, 2008) is her first album.

It seems inevitable to place the starting point of Esne Beltza in Jamaica, when Xabier Solano (trikitixa voice), Jon Elizalde (trombone) and Xabi Pery (producer) traveled to the legendary Tuff Gong studios of Bob Marley to record with Fermin Muguruza Euskal Herria Jamaika Clash (2006). In Kingston had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented musicians and producers in reggae, then came the memorable concert of the BEC in Barakaldo, and what led them to accompany Muguruza worldwide with the group Afro-Basque Fire Brigade. In the numerous concerts given on the long voyages from Japan to Barcelona, from Mexico to Ireland, from Bilbao to Havana, and in hotel talks was brewing and shaping Esne Beltza, the large band led by Xavier Solano , which are also musicians who have previously been part of Etzakit, The Solanos, Joxe Ripiau, Izotz, Selektah Kolektiboa or Su Ta Gar.