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Those who worry that it sometimes seems there are no more true punk-rock bands left – rest easy. The hope for the future lies in the Aterkings from Markina. There are few bands currently playing music like this, and even fewer in Basque, and in Bizkaian Basque to boot! Standing firm against the avalanche of new trends and the modern penchant for sophisticated music.

At the end of the year 2000, a group of experienced musicians who spent their apprenticeships in other bands, got together and formed the Aterkings, with (or hidden behind) a scandalous frontman and offering music that was both rhythmic and fun. They became popular almost immediately, bringing out a rough cut which was extremely successful and increasing their number of live performances.

In February 2005, with the help of the maestro Jose Lastra, they recorded an album with 15 original tracks and one cover, which offers not only rock and roll, but also the live punk-rock wave of bad attitude from the Pleasure Fuckers or Crime and raw garage tracks in the style of the Sonics or the Waylers (who never knew Bob Marley), as well as other offerings with a hint of glam or Stone. And after the storm, the sun, because the album also contains a hit song with a beach-going chorus, perfect for those radio moments.

The guitars are there and are important, the help of the pedals is much appreciated, the organ has its place, and the vocals sometimes go beyond classic patterns and vibrate with their own, distinctive personality. You can tell that these guys have really done their homework!
Iker Barandiaran