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As Aitzol Garmendia says in the track ‘Blues oihartzuna’, Arima Beltza was formed and carried out its first rehearsals in a disused casting factory. The group was formed when guitarist Aitor Badiola teamed up with drummer and singer Jon Gurrutxaga, and in its modest beginnings, the band’s entire equipment consisted only of a practice drum pad, an old cymbal, a guitar and an amplifier. The original duo was later joined by a bass player - currently Iñigo Araujo- and another guitarist - Lander Trinidad. At first, the band had nowhere to practise, and were forced to move around lugging all their gear with them. Their performances placed special emphasis on traditional blues, John Mayall and Eric Clapton.

With the addition of the two new members, the group became a quartet which composed its own tracks as well as playing well-known themes, although always within the blues-rock style. One balmy night in August they gave their premier concept in the Soraluze youth centre. After that there was no looking back, with concerts all over the region, the majority with the collaboration of the harmonica player Joseba Alonso, the ‘hippie’ of Elgoibar. Joseba has since become a permanent member of the group.

In addition to original compositions, Arima Beltza also play versions of classic rock & blues songs by Freddy King, John Mayall, Rory Gallagher or Cream, among others. This quintet from Elgoibar is a young group, which expresses itself in Basque and has a true passion for blues-rock.