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Adrian Costa Blues Band

Adrian Costa shoes were made for dancing. They have traveled thousands of miles playing the blues as well as African American music in general since leaving his native Santiago de Compostela fifteen years ago and came to Madrid with his childhood companion Marcos Coll, looking for a dream, to be a professional blues musician.

First station, the mythical and prestigious Tonky Blues Band in which the tandem Coll and Costa shined early on, and highlighting Adrian as a talented multi-instrumentalist as well as a great singer. The road and blues for years with Tonky, making their way, recording and accompanying musicians like Buddy Miles, Bonnie Fields, as well as a long list of international figures.


By that time, Adrian decides it's time to move on and change direction so with his old friend Marcos Coll, form Los Reyes del KO. Undoubtedly one of the best blues bands in Europe. More road, and after two more blues albums released and being the sensation of the circuit for years, together they decided to move to Berlin and further expand horizons. International festivals, numerous collaborations and hundreds of concerts and tours as well as a third and posthumous live album with which put an end to a band that has earned its place in the history of the continental blues.


Adrian Costa shoes always moved in a restless way and thus he decides to move after the dissolution of Los Reyes del KO to America to make himself a name as an artist. Soon he earns a glowing reputation along the San Francisco area, working at festivals permanently and form his own band sharing talent and experience with leading international figures.


As a result of this stretch on the road. It is this self-titled album, "Adrian Costa Blues Band", in which Costa has managed to synthesize the essence of the blues in its various forms and ways, an eclectic album, full of soul and funk, with the traditional and rigorous blues music common thread.