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I met Marcos and Adrian one summer night in 2004. I went to my local watering hole in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the Vollmond, to take part in the weekly Tuesday blues session. As I approached the place, I heard sounds that were different from the usual fare. The closer I got, the more excited I became. That fat harmonica sound and that lean, funky blues guitar, plus a voice so loaded with soul until it was almost painful. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these two young dudes that I had never seen before, playing and singing with the authority of men twice their age. I sat in on the piano, and we hit it off right away.

Long nights of music, conversation and refreshments followed where we developed a better and better understanding for each other. I had just produced a CD for the legendary piano player Ernest Lane of Robert Nighthawk and Ike and Tina Turner fame (my first try as a producer), and Marcos and Adrian asked me to produce their next CD. I wasn’t sure at first. I certainly appreciated them asking me, but with the amount of experience I had as a producer, I wasn’t certain of where and how to start.

All that changed drastically when we toured Spain together in the fall of 2005. We needed a good drummer, so we took my friend Andre Werkmeister with us. The combination clicked immediately, and all of a sudden the record started to take shape in my head.

First of all we needed a good, funky bass player. Kevin Duvernay and I had cooperated many times during the past two decades, backing up Big Jay McNeely, Johnny Copeland and Angela Brown in addition to being a member of my own” First Class Blues Band”, so Kevin was a natural choice. But what about some horns?

Johnny Heartsman had told me about "Sax” Gordon Beadle, years ago, and then I recorded with him on Doug Jay's “Jackpot” album not long ago. He just happened to be in Germany the same time that a truly legendary master of the tenor sax was on tour in the country, the man that blows all the solos on Fats Domino's records, Herb Hardesty; the youngest 81 year old man I have ever met. He gave Marcus (our engineer) tips about how to update his recording equipment! With Thomas Feldmann, also a member of the First Class Blues Band, on baritone sax, we had the fattest horns this side of the Mississippi!

Sidney” Guitar Crusher" Selby, who was a featured singer on the first record by the British blues band "Ten Years After" and who has recorded many sides under his own name, has been living in Berlin, off and on, since he escaped New York City in 1982. Marcos and Adrian fell in love the first time they heard him sing, and the feeling was mutual, so he was a natural choice for the record too.

It took some logistic efforts to pull all these people together, and without the help from Willie Jackson, courtesy of Marvin Productions, it could not have been done. My friend Keith Dunn was also there, assisting with the production and playing beautiful harmonica including a duet with Marcos. Thanks a million, Keith!
The session itself was one of the most relaxed affairs I ever encountered in the studio. Many of these tracks were first takes and no horn overdubs! It wasn't necessary working with musicians of this caliber.

We could have called it Three Generations of Blues, with Crusher and Herbert past 70, Gordon, Thomas, Keith and myself, between 40 and 50 and Adrian, Marcos, as well as Jimmy and Werki (both from the Doug Jay Band) under 30. The individual songs came out as diverse as the backgrounds of the musicians involved, but at the same time smooth and easy, as though it's the most natural thing to do what we did, which it really is! Enjoy Marcos and Adrian, two of the most promising musicians in the world today, doin’ their thang, believe me; they’ve got a great future ahead of them!
Chris Rannenberg

Very special thanks to Axel Küstner, whose photos grace the covers of many Blues records, books, and magazines, and who has taken pictures of such legends as Big Joe Williams, Jack Owens, Memphis Piano Red, Eugene Powel
Also, many thanks to Jimmy from The Blue Jays, for his help and delicious guitar, Antoine for raping it with so much flow. And in Spain, Omar (Bebe,El Tio Calambres...) for his scratches....And, of course, the third Rey del K.O The great bass player and great x 1000 friend Javi Vacas (Vacazul,Sex Museum,Deluxe...)