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Tribute, commitment, and pure sound pleasure

Sep 23, 2021

The restless and prolific trumpet player from Bilbao, Juan De Diego, is back with a new project and that is always good news for lovers of the intrepid, elegant, and full of nuances kind of jazz that he always displays. "Grebalariak"(Strikers), has been recorded in a new format never used by Juan until now, an acoustic quartet (piano, bass, drums, and trumpet) is no exception but adds a resting point to his compositions and rhythms allowing us to appreciate in deep detail the delicacy in which the melodies are interwoven in a colorful and beautiful tapestry of sounds. In a be-bop classical record style, built with a vivacity that tastes more, much more, of pure enjoyment in the personal exploration of its infinite possibilities than a mere nostalgic recreation.

"Grebalariak" is based on 10 unpublished compositions by Juan himself and features the contribution from three superb and sought-after artists: pianist from Mallorca Toni Vaquer, double bass player Pere Loewe and drummer Ramón Prats.


"Grebalariak" does not forget about the socio-political concerns that always permeate Juan's albums, and in this case refers to the general strike called La Canadiense in 1919 on its 100th anniversary. Thanks to it, among other things, the 8-hour working day was established, and the song Greba itself is dedicated to those people who fought and gave their lives for it. Nor does it forget to leave a small nod to Jack Johnson and the disastrous consequences of his resounding victory over the white boxing champion in the African American community. Thus, becoming a symbol of struggle to which great Miles Davis already referred to in a tribute album and whose echoes resound in the beautiful Juan's trumpet phrasings.

Tribute, commitment, and pure sound pleasure.