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travelling music and jazz improvisation

Jan 04, 2019

On “Pagoda” their very first record together they gave proved of the originality of their proposal and the uncommon of such a intrumental combination developing a great collection of songs. Navarre Accordionist  Javier López Jaso and argentinian double bass player Marcelo Escrich joined by  Luis Giménez on guitar and Daniel Lizarraga on drums lined up as a quartet with the collaboration of Alberto Arteta on tenor sax.

 Aporia, the second record, is the result of both author´s combination and origins. A record full of harmonies and silence most probably full of experiences


Listen: Nene Drums

Right from the beginning and written by Marcelo Escrich “Contrahuellas” turns out to be an impossible counterpoint game developed by Javier López Laso on accordion and Luis Giménez on guitar a game played by double bass and drums rules. “Aporia” is signed by Javier López Jaco built out from  rhythm contrast  and the accordion gloomy sound just to progress in a dialogue between accordion and guitar. “La banda y El Conjuro” is signed by Escrich  an Argentinian popular music influence song right from double bass melody to accordion, guitar and tenor sax voices. Cantus” (Kantuz) influenced by Basque Country popular music. Written by López Jaso it wanders to french music giving away to double bass, accordion and guitar improvisations. “Hugo vuelve a casa” is signed by Escrich. A tribute to the memory of  argentinian poet  Hugo Guillermo Tabachnik with a clear tango flavour engaged by guitar and accordion leading to Gerardo Fitanovich´s voice reciting a poem from the poet. Written by López Jaso “Nene” is inspired by his son, a  sort of a lullaby  that softens the drums rhythms making way to the solos.  “Aldrán” is framed in a slow intro, developing guitar, double bass, accordion sounterpoints and drum improvisations finishing in a slow tempo outro. Javier López Jaso writes  “Donostia- Pamplona, Iruñea-San Sebastián” a travelling inspired song. Marcelo Escrich puts an end to this record signing   “Diálogos y Secuelas” with the collaboration of Alberto Arteta on tenor sax.