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The show must go on

Apr 16, 2017

 The Show must go on by reverend Jimmy Barnatán´s hand. Music and entertainment, attitude regarless fashion trends  or the merely correct. True  to his own iconography shows once again that there is not show without music but this  time the real  show is called  “Bourbon Church”.

Listen: Living down the Highway

  “Bourbon Church” further from being more than a interesting and presumably shocking live  stage project  is a carefully calculated musical work thanks to Barnatán and  guitar player  Sergio González in composition, joined by the usual The Cocooners, Rubén Rodriguez on drums and  Dani Simons on bass. Together  they go back to roots to create a very own and an untransferable concept fluttered by gospel choir The Cocoonettes (Xenia Saint Jose, Carol Martin, Mabel Sierra, Mara Ore, Isabel Palacios, Berta López and Lara Rodríguez) right from the beginning. Recorded at Vu Meter studios by Javier López Jato “Javeta”. The band gliders  half way from funk to rock in “Living on the Highway” making way to harder rock on  “Blah, Blah, Blah” backed up by The Cocoonettes. Barnatán´s personal vocal phrasing takes control on “Like the grown needs the rain” paying tributo to the fifties and blues music thanks to Sergio González on guitar. “Strange fly of the bird” establishes  the record  turning point in terms of Bossa just to enlarge band´s musical perpective, great Barnatán vocal job once again.

 “Bourbon Church” a real manifesto condensing the record concept in a ceremony that goes from funk to góspel by the hand of  reverend Barnatán with   The Cocoonettes final gospel reprise. “Oceans of Caresses” takes us back to an almost pop calm, probably one of the most eclectic songs on the record. “In Memorian” shows us how a great rock ballad should be written, beautiful lyrics, full of emotion with great dynamics and a thrilling chorus. Band´s versatility takes us back and turns to american music on “I´m alone” inspired  by Country Western just to go on to  “Rocking & Swimming & Rocking on”a clear trace by Blues shuffle  certainly engaged by arsonist guitar player Sergio González the powerful rythm section and carried up into heaven by The Cocoonettes. The unclassifiable and vitalist “Back way home” along with the hynotic “Distance with your lies” put the record to an end.

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