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The same Blues coherence

May 03, 2020

There are clear evidences that makes a project something genuine and exclusive, in StarBlues case, they are those great songs sung in their own language and their ability to perpetuate a high-quality project under the sieve of the Blues making it original and identifying. Hitz Gatibuak is his the second album of the group. See the klipa:

Since its formation in Ordizia (Basque Country) in 2010, numerous concerts, first album release “Gu Geu” (“Ourselves”) in 2016 and its participation at Hondarribia and Tolosa Blues festivals, StarBlues has been emerging as a whole reference of Blues sung in Basque in recent years, due to the of Jon Barreros´  compositions  (voice and guitar) who, after several line-up changes , faces this second work joined by Mikel Atxega on bass, as a substitute for Urko Ruiz de Apodaka Yon Labayen on piano and hammond, Fermín Etxeberria on drums, as well as  Fredi Pelaez's usual collaboration, throughout the recording and mixing at the Pottoko studios in Beasain.

Hitz Gatibuak” (Captive Words) has the same coherence as its predecessor, the imprint of a band´s own entity and the added value of maturity and the advantage that the experience acquired in these years confers. As a result of an intense composition work of, the record travels along the path of the twelve bars with a strong Rock influence, without losing the required perspective right from the beginning in “Intro” with clear Funk signs until reaching fields closer to Jazz / Blues in "Hitz Gatibuak" the self-title song,  making evident Guipuzcoans clear fusion  purpose with other related music proving their ability to adapt to the most orthodox Swing in "Zerua Ukituz" and return to Jazz in “Kolore Galduak” just to travel back in  shuffle code, with a undeniable Barreros Texan flavor guitar and a remarkable Yon Labayen work on hammond organ in “Killer Hammond”. The orthodoxy of a middle time in minors along with the melody proposed by Barreros himself results in “Nortzuk dira” to introduce us to the urban shuffle halfway between Spanish and English “Nothing but Blues”. The Groove played by Mikel Atxega on bass, Fermín Etxeberria on drums along with Yon Labayen´s hammond organ with Jimmy Smith clear reminiscences revitalize the Soul / Funk in “Otsoarekin solasean”. "Zure jabe" means the obligatory dose of boogie while Jon's guitar gives way to the only song sung in English, again with Funk dyes "A little big day" to end with halftime flavored Jazz / Rock and certain Latin taste "Izpi beltz batek".