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The best teacher is always the road

May 21, 2021


Formed in Bilbao by Mario Gómez (vocals and guitars) Carlos Jover (harmonica and vocals), Jorge Gómez (drums) and Fabian Acarregui (double bass) for ver more than ten years have proven a career based on respect and the coherence right from  their first homonymous record  in 2014, where they faithfully recreated a brilliant collection of Blues standards in rural Blues terms, by then in 2017 releasing their second album "Jump and Shout" where the band rolls from the Chicago Blues, through the West Coast or Jump Blues with the same great care shown on their first record with the added value of being an entirely original song record. Los Blues Morning Singers is the paradigmatic example that the best school is the road traveled and the best teacher is always the road. His last album Winding Road


Recorded at the Kantauri studios in Bilbao. “Winding Road” besides having Alberto Trigueros on piano and keyboards and Javier Alzola on sax, highlights and consolidates a band´s upward career already displayed on their previous record. A six original tune collection abounding Blues tradition from a more sophisticated and mature perspective. A production that transits and takes us back to the Blues from the sixties in the self titled song "Winding Road" with a quite Booker T flavour due to hammond organ and the undeniable trace of Sonny Boy Williamson with Carlos Jover on harmonica. “Confusion Blues” perfectly follows f Jump Blues canons, played in a perfect tempo executed by Jorge Gómez on drums, Fabi Acarregui on double bass, and Mario Gömez impeccable vocals and guitar work. “Learning to say no” follows the tradition of songs written by Carey Bell back in the seventies in vigorous “shuffle” key just one step away from Funk, while “Lotto Prize” takes us back to Chicago old school from the fifties. Halfway between New Orleans heterodoxy and the most joyful "Jive", the band in a new versatility display unfolds "Under the Rain", ending up with "Talk to the devil" possibly the darkest, most original and intense cut from the album with Carlos Jover on vocals and Mario Gómez doing a great slide guitar job.


It is said that knowing the path is not walking the path. The Blues Morning Singers are one of those bands that have been traveling with fidelity and rigor through the years the winding and meandering Blues path and "Winding Road" is the result, perhaps it might be that road full of twists and turns, where magic and emotions come true for all those who know how to understand this universal language.