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another true jewel

Feb 04, 2019

The merciless sea, a barrelhouse and the salty air, folk music roots, the lost causes, homesickness of the traveler and two troubadours´ state of grace joined by a legacy full of pop, psychodelia, country, blues, rock and roll attitude and reminiscences from 60´s and 70´s, make it posible on Family Folks second album just to consolidate itself in a privileged place. Not only as a mere continuation of his acclaimed previous work -

All The Lost Causes- but rather as a new reference in the scene. Led by Bosco Hill and Rubén Xuarez with Lorre Brothers, Martín and Jorge on rhythm section.

The Anvil Sea" is fundamentally a record made out of songs with capital letters, sixteen original songs as the result of the chemistry between the composers.

Family Folks have produced a double album with a very careful production due to  Óscar Liboreiro  job who, in addition,  played electric guitars throughout the recording  and taken part and made possible Hill / Xuarez compositions as one more  band member .For the recording they are surrounded again by great collaborators, Keyboards (Xavier Vietez), Theremin (Paulo Pascual), Harmonica (Antonio Tato), Didgeridoo and Berimbau (Nando Llera), Zanfona (Javi Casmans), Bass (BJ Turner), Percussion (Mauro Comesaña, Javier Reboreda) that bring up new dimensions and sound textures to the band's classic sound.


"The Anvil Sea" smells of salt, melancholy and  party time at a barrelhouse, present days folk music  full of delicious flavors that rescue us from the merciless boredom sea but most of all, a record that celebrates a state of grace from a great band, Family Folks.