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DEBAJAZZ/ Ibetondoko Jazza Debabarrenian



While still enjoy the countless opportunities to enjoy the leading musicians of the summer festivals offer, is taking shape the program of the new edition of **Debajazz**. Again, the area of Bajo Deba host a concert series of some of the most interesting jazz from Catalunia, Euskal Herria, Galicia ... This festival is consolidated with special attention to our musicians.

In Autumm of 2004, Errabal Kultur Elkartea came a little dream true with the launch of Debajazz having a modest jazz festival at home. From the outset, the motive power of this project has been carried to different locations in the valley of Deba (Mutriku, Elgoibar, Mondragón ...) jazz performances, in the first edition had the participation of contrasted musicians as Iñaki Salvador, or as Victor de Diego, and paying particular attention to nearest musicians by that "make a virtue of necessity."

It has often been said that the summer jazz festivals continue to be tourist events, which puts the interests of restaurants and entertainment on the purely musical, and it is true ... In this sense our only goal in developing the new program for this next edition is the jazz.

The **itinerant nature** of the festival (the concerts are held in different locations each day) underlines our interest in bringing this music to places usually ignored by programmers. From Debajazz, we intend to spread this music without exception, and that our initiative is not a flower a day, but leaving a sediment year after year. And what better way to underscore this desire to give young musicians the opportunity today to demonstrate the excellent level of local jazz.

Shortly we will finalize the program, which we hope will please everyone. Of course, you are all invited! We are waiting for you...