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bang matu

The circuit Blues-Jazz of Bizkaia is an event organized throughout the year (from spring to autumn) in this historical territory. In 2005 we carried out for the first time this idea and since then every year we take on blues and jazz melodies to different people of Bizkaia.

Although initially start with a smaller number of locations participating in the course of time have more people joining the circuit of Bizkaia, so that today there are five: Leioa, Basauri Zornotza, Markina and Ermua.

Among the invited groups typically have both foreign and local, always trying to maintain the balance between them. The presence of women is something that we care since the first edition.

The groups invited to give a concert in each location within approximately a month, so it is a walking tour.

Among the prominent artists of recent years can be found at Argentine Julian Kanevsky, the Guinean Begoña Bang Matu (pictured),  Andalusians JJBand the Donostiarra Stayblues or Mamassita Pro from Vitoria and Madrid.