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Close to a small but indispensable disc Bloody Hotsak has born, the sound collection of the carriers of the rock - and-roll in their blood. They do not have such a difference of age between their impellers, but the shop of discs and promoter rocker Bloody Mary, and the record Gaztelupeko Hotsak that it was born to spread the blues but nothing like a duck to water in the rock - and-roll, have followed own ways up to the date. Up to the date we say, because from now we try to promote the rock - and-roll, the vinyl and the bands that in spite of being despised have much that to say, joining their forces.

 One could not have begun better the gait, since to count Loney as take-off is an authentic luxury, but already we possess several projects more in hands.

We have rockanroll forever! Do not doubt it!


* ROY LONEY & SEÑOR NO                                    * TIGER! TIGER!                                            * EUREKA HOT 4

* IVAN JULIAN & CAPSULA                                      * THUNDER EXPRESS                                   * LAS MEMBRANAS

* THE MAHARAJAS                                                   * LOS CREYENTES                             * THE DIRTY PINK LADIES