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Manuel Gutiérrez was born in 1963and entered the Víctor Aneiros Band in 2000. He has studied at the conservatory of Music of A Coruña, Spain and has complemented these formal studies with valuable freelance work, including numerous seminars, master classes and courses all over Spain, in which renowned musicians have participated, such as Bill Dobbins, Dave Schinetter, Barry Harris, Joan Eneñat, etc.
Unstoppable professionally from a very early age, he has performing and working as a pianist, arranger and composer for different groups, mastering a full range of styles and travelling throught various geographical latitudes: Getxo, Madrid, Montreux, Barcelona, Mallorca, Galicia, playing jazz, blues, folk, traditional music, Dixie, songwriter music, soundtracks, etc. The result has been an innumerable series collaborations, which have, in turn, led to a whiriwind of tours, performances and recording sessions.

Marcos S. Yáñez was born in Ferrol in 1977 and has formed part of the VAB since 2001. Following an initial period of self-taught musicianship, Marcos began his formal musical training in 1998, specializing in classical percussion and obtaining the superior level at the Conservatory of Sevilla in 2003.
During those years he combined classical studies with essentially freelance drum work, taking part in musical projects of great stylistic variety, such as cover bands (Mckuin, Riff-Raff), progressive rock (Lavyrinthus, Trece), big band (Viveiro Conservatory, Ferrol Conservatory), gospel (Albae Sonus Choir), or Pop.
More recently, Marcos has worked as a teacher and participated in numerous recording sessions, including “Entre dous mares” by Rosa Cedrón and “Maneras de romper una ola”, by Andrés Suárez produced by Tontxu. Currently, besides being a member of the VAB, he works with the bands of well-Known songwriters, Andrés Suárez and Silvia Penide, and is completing his final year of a History and Music Science Masters degree at the University of La Rioja, Spain.

Víctor Gacio became a member of Victor Aneiros Band in 2008. He was born in Ferrol in 1971. Although he is a self-taught bassist, he studied at the conservatory in Ferrol where he did music theory, and after trying various instruments, he opted for the bass.
As with the rest of the band, he has gained experience in a wide variety of musical styles both playing live and in the studio, and he has been a member of different groups (El último Gato, Rosa Cedron, la Durango Express, Andrés Suarez, etc…) Nowadays, he combines his bass playing with his work