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-He began his musical career in 1980, playing with a number of different groups such as Nomus, Vda de Lopez and Ttak Ahula, which later became the seed from which Sasoi Ilunak sprung.

-During the 1990s he focused on his work with the group SASOI ILUNAK, with whom he toured all around the Basque Country and recorded three CDs: ‘Sasoi Ilunak’, ‘Herri Xumeak’ and ‘Harakina’.

-In the year 2000 he launched his solo career with the publication of an acoustic work entitled: ‘Nere leihoak’(my windows).

-At the end of 2001 he brought out his second work: ‘Hegazkinen arima’ (the soul of the aeroplanes), produced by the PILT Rafa Rueda.

His work has been defined as ‘original rock’. -He has now consolidated his artistic career with ‘Gauak, neskak eta maletak’(nights, girls and suitcases).

-In the year 2004 : Nire anaiaren kotxeko argiak-(l’homme l’etre, la maladie)