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Petti can, without doubt, be described as the precursor of a new style which we could term ‘wild folk’. He began his musical career at the age of 16, as a guitarist with the rock band Bidasoa Noise Hole, with whom he gave numerous concerts all over the Basque Country and surrounding area. After the band broke up, he became the singer in a more experimental group called Zup, with whom he stayed until 1997 when he embarked on his solo career. It was at this point that we discovered this diamond in the rough of the Basque music scene – a fine guitarist and blues singer with an unprecedented voice and an interpretation of the experience of living that is as poetic as it is wild.

His first album was a collection of songs whose sheer existentialism often comes as a shock: Amets bat (1999). This was followed by Arrazoiak (2001) which features the most basic and acoustic side of his work, from the lyrics to the melodies and arrangements, demonstrating his immense skill in the field of singing and interpretation. Etxeko uzta* (2002), on the other hand, shows a more electric and direct side to Petti’s style.