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Andoni Arcilla Group

There aren't many works like this in Basque jazz, if such a thing exists. We had heard Andoni Arcilla before in vaguely similar projects, but Hilkorra ez banintz is a totally different project:  a handful of arrangements of modern Basque poets in a contemporary jazz context, vibrant rather than reflective, challenging rather than self-complacent. That’s the challenge, which has been happily met.

Far from the usual register of the great masculine voices of swing and jazz, Andoni Arcilla has taken a chance with a more eclectic resonance, whose subtleties he uses to emphasise the original form of each poem.  He adapts the texts, he shapes them by enveloping them in his melodies, and makes them his own by turning them into songs full of feeling.

Jorge Abadías (guitar), Kike Arza (double bass) and Juanma Urriza (drums) weave a perfect, warm web captured in a masterly way by Fredi Pelaez, responsible for the recording.